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This is an SVU tumblr! I actually did stab the captain with a pickle
Olivia’s checkin’ him out!

Olivia’s checkin’ him out!


ugh I loved this episode. They were so bitchy to each other it was great

Well I’ve been trying to, but you’re not answering! #rude!



Today is Elliot Stabler’s birthday!!! He’s 47! He’s probably eating pancakes and orange juice with Olivia. Anyways, USA isn’t showing a Stablerthon. They’re showing a season 14 marathon which is lame, so I made a Stablerthon! 

1. 6x11 Contagious - Elliot celebrates his birthday 
2. 11x13 PC - Elliot is super cute & funny and they talk about his butt
3. 10x7 Wildlife - Because Elliot gets to smoosh against Olivia
4. 2x21 Scourge - Elliot gets promoted to Detective First Grade
5. 4x12 Risk - First time Elliot & Liv pretend to be married
6. 7x1 Demons - a great Elliot episode
7. 12x20 Totem - one of my favorite El episodes
8. 1x18 Chat Room - Elliot’s undercover for the first time
9. 10x18 Baggage - Elliot works with a different partner than Olivia
10. 9x17 Authority - 200th episode/works with Robin Williams
11. 4x15 Pandora - Elliot goes to Prague to hunt someone down


*thanks to bcat1 for all the help!

Birthday merethon from last year!

Today is Elliot’s 48th birthday! Woot!

I never see the No More campaign on TV, but I just saw it for the second time during a Chargers half-time.
merelala merelala Said:

Yay!!! I haven’t had a chance to watch the marathon today but I’ve been following along on twitter, and it looks like there’s been a lot during football games! It’s great because SO MANY people see them!

elliot in spectacle